RTIC 30 Soft Pack Cooler On Table

RTIC 30 Soft Pack Cooler

How many times have you gone out on an outdoor adventure with a cheap cooler only to find that the ice is completely melted and your beverages and snacks are warm? Depending on what you packed, your food may have gone to waste and there’s nothing refreshing about tepid drinks!

You can avoid a disappointing situation like that by using one of the top rated coolers on the market, the RTIC 30 Soft Pack Cooler.

RTIC 30 Soft Pack Cooler Filled With Ice

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the soft cooler, but we are also going to give you an overview of what people who have purchased the soft cooler had to say about their overall experience with it.

Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this soft cooler is something you should consider purchasing to round out your camping or picnic gear!

About The Product

The RTIC company has been creating high quality soft coolers since 2014, but within that short time, they are among one of the best soft coolers available. Many folks will do RTIC vs Yeti coolers comparisons only to show these coolers are on par with the more expensive brand.

The RTIC soft pack coolers are available in 4 sizes, but for the purpose of this RTIC cooler review, we are going to discuss the 30 pack cooler. The only difference between these coolers is the carrying capacity and nothing more.

Notable features of the RTIC 30 Soft Pack Cooler include:

  • Keeps ice up to 75 hours
  • Holds up to 30 cans plus ice
RTIC 30 Soft Pack Cooler Backside
  • Heavy vinyl shell for increased durability
  • No leak zipper
  • Insulated lid
  • Anti-microbial liner that resists mold
  • Resistant to puncturing or tearing
  • Exterior does not sweat
  • Up to 2" of foam insulation

RTIC has created their coolers to rival the Yeti brand and they do a really good job. The RTIC coolers are made with premium hardware to ensure they will stand up to anything thrown at them. The vinyl outer shell is puncture resistant, so you never have to worry about it getting stuck on a branch while in the woods and getting a hole in it.

The anti-microbial liner is a great feature for coolers because you’re leaving your drinks in a large amount of water for some time, which could be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Opened RTIC 30 Soft Pack Cooler

In terms of storing capacity and ice retention, you can certainly tell that the RTIC cooler isn’t like the low-end coolers available. In regards to the holding capacity, you can choose one of four size options: lunchbox size, 20 can, 30 can, and 40 can. These coolers are designed to hold the specific number of cans plus ice, which can be held up to 4 days, even in near-100 degree temperatures.

Perhaps this awesome ice retention could be credited to the 2” thick open cell foam insulation on the lid and the zipper that seals the cooler and prevents cold air from leaking.

What Customers Say

When we looked at the user reviews, we saw that 75% had great things to say about the ride on and left 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, people commented on long the ice lasts with the cooler—one family used the cooler for a 3-day trip in the car and there was still some ice left by the end of the car ride. Other customers have said that the cooler is pretty stable and they’ve never experienced any leaking.

Customers also love the overall craftsmanship of the cooler. They feel that it is made very well and you can see the attention to detail, especially in the double stitching, which helps prevent leaking. Customers have also said that they enjoy the product so much, they’ve purchased the lunchbox size to carry their lunch to work each day.

So what did the remaining 25% of customers who left 3-star or below reviews have to say? The most common complaint customers had seemed to be the complete opposite of what customers loved. Several folks said the construction was not as good as they had hoped it would be, as some of them have experienced leaking in the interior of the cooler.

RTIC 30 Soft Pack Cooler On White Background

Other customers have said that their zippers got stuck and they couldn’t open the cooler anymore after that. Another complaint people had was that the cooler didn’t hold the ice as long as the product claimed—some customers said it didn’t even hold ice for 24 hours! Customers said the carrying strap is useless could have been sturdier because it broke on the first day!

Our Recommendation

It doesn’t matter if you’re going camping, on a long car trip, if you’re attending a sporting event, when you pack stuff in a cooler, you expect for those items to be cold for the duration of the trip without having to refresh the ice too often. The RTIC 30 Soft Pack makes claims that it can keep ice for up to 5 days.

While 5 days may be a stretch because most people experience anywhere between 24 hours to 3 days, it’s still an impressive length of time. On paper, we feel that the RTIC is a good cooler that is going to give you what you want. At price just under $125 for the 30-can capacity cooler, this is a cooler that’s going to be a great investment.

Although some customers have had less than positive experiences with the cooler and felt that the ice didn’t last nearly as long as the cool claims, we don’t think it’s enough to discourage you from purchasing the cooler. As far as coolers go, this is one of the best options on the market. When you do a cooler comparison with this and more expensive options, you’ll see that this cooler can stand up the best of them with no problem.

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